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Scientists of the Future

Future Morph launched their second action on the Orange ‘Do Some Good’ app today Read more

03 September 2012

ScienceGrrl Calendar 2013: celebrating the female face of science

ScienceGrrl Calendar 2013: celebrating the female face of science Read more

18 October 2012

Science for Careers Expert Group

One of five expert groups set up by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to take forward the science and society strategy Read more

13 June 2011

Work experience for STEM students and graduates report

Exploring the demand and availability of STEM work experience and placements Read more

01 July 2011

London Fashion Week: where creativity meets science and technology

Where science meets fashion careers Read more

01 September 2011

Families are vital

Organisations promoting science must reach out to families, not just their children, according to research from King’s College London. Read more

11 January 2012

10 types of scientist

Diana Garnham identifies 10 types of scientist. Read more

09 February 2012


The Science Council responds to the Royal Society of Edinburgh's inquiry into barriers to women in STEM Read more

15 February 2012

Good careers guidance has never been so important warn MPs

Education Select Committee warns against making schools solely responsible for careers guidance Read more

23 January 2013

Women in Science: Nurturing Nobels

Science Suffrage heirlooms to be passed on to inspire the next generation of leading ladies in science Read more

17 February 2012

Business-University Collaboration Review

Sir Tim Wilson's Review of Business-University Collaboration is published 28th February 2012. Read more

28 February 2012

Computers & IT theme running for March

This month’s theme on the Orange Hidden Science app aims to highlight possible IT and Computing jobs to young people and the importance of the science and maths behind them Read more

02 March 2012

Poll participation please!

The poll is aimed at people who have studied or are currently studying chemistry or a chemical sciences related higher education course Read more

30 March 2012

May Day celebrations bring out the Entertainment & Culture theme

Scientists are involved in so many areas of entertainment. Read more

01 May 2012

Hidden Science action asks where does science fit with Business and Industry?

‘Business and Industry’ may conjure images of an office based job or working for a big power plant, but it can be so much more than that Read more

08 June 2012

The Royal Meteorological Society seeks new Chief Executive

Current CEO, Professor Paul Hardaker has been appointed as the new Chief Executive at the Institute of Physics from September 2012 Read more

08 June 2012


Background material which lead to the Careers from Science project Read more

25 June 2012

Orange mobile phone app

The Science Council teamed up with the mobile phone company Orange to develop an action within their new ‘Do Some Good’ mobile volunteering app entitled ‘Hidden Science’ Read more

26 June 2012

Explorer scientist

Someone who, like Columbus is on a journey of discovery "to boldly go where no man has gone before" Read more

24 July 2012

Investigator scientist

The 'mapping' scientist Read more

24 July 2012

Developer / translational scientist

An 'applied' scientist who will be the interface between science and society, turning new knowledge and understanding of the world into benefits for society Read more

24 July 2012

Operational / service provider scientist

Someone who provides scientific services in a wide range of ways Read more

24 July 2012

Monitor / regulator scientist

These scientists are becoming increasingly important as we translate more science and technology into society Read more

24 July 2012

Entrepreneur scientist

These scientists play a crucial role in making innovation happen Read more

24 July 2012

Communicator scientist

A crucial group of scientists Read more

24 July 2012

Teacher scientist

People who are trained in science and who share the knowledge and train the next generation Read more

24 July 2012

Business scientist

To be found in almost all parts of the economy where a high level of science and technology knowledge and skill is playing a part Read more

24 July 2012

Policy scientist

These scientists are employed and involved at many levels and in many environments including government and Parliament, NGOs and campaigning groups Read more

24 July 2012

The science behind the Olympics

The Future Morph careers website takes a trip to the Olympic Park to give young people an insight into the careers behind the games Read more

10 August 2012

Celebrating International Women's Day 2013

The Science Council celebrated International Women's Day 2013 by compiling list of the first ten female Presidents of its Member Bodies Read more

08 March 2013

E-Mentoring for Science Careers

The Social Mobility Foundation is looking for mentors to provide career advise to sixteen and seventeen year olds Read more

05 March 2013


24 May 2013


24 May 2013

Further steps taken towards an inclusive workforce

Today sees the launch of two further contributions working towards increasing the diversity of the STEM workforce Read more

07 May 2014

Science Council 10th Anniversary competition to find 100 of the UK's leading professional scientists

Search for the UK’s leading and most admired professional scientists Read more

30 July 2013

White coats not essential - Science Council opens search for the UK’s leading scientists

Search for the UK’s leading and most admired professional scientist Read more

31 July 2013

10 best science activities for the summer holidays

Science Council publishes its 10 favourite science activities to do at home Read more

31 July 2013

Science opens doors

Science Council publishes ten top ways to encourage your child’s interest in science Read more

05 August 2013

Shameful lost opportunity to get A-levels fit for 21st Century

Serious concerns expressed over Ofqual's decision on science A-levels Read more

09 September 2013

Institute of Physics published guide to supporting students with dyslexia

Scientific body produces practical guidance to supporting STEM students with dyslexia Read more

25 September 2013

Families need broader view of science

Pupil’s narrow perception of the careers available from science limits their aspirations Read more

04 December 2013

2014 list of leading UK practising scientists

Celebrating the changing face of UK science Read more

14 January 2014

100 leading UK practising scientists

Science Council challenges UK’s narrow and old-fashioned view of science by releasing a list of the country’s 100 leading practising scientists Read more

14 January 2014

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

The Science Council has launched a new programme of work to support a more diverse science workforce Read more

03 February 2014

Not enough done to improve gender diversity in science say MPs

Science and Technology Committee urge science community to do more to tackle bias and stereotypes Read more

06 February 2014


Science Council working in partnership with the City of London to deliver STEM careers fair Read more

23 April 2014

London schools experience the diversity of science and engineering futures

Over 500 London school students experience the diversity of science and engineering futures at STEM from the City event Read more

27 June 2014

International STEM students

Lords Select Committee calls Government's policy on international students contradictory Read more

18 July 2014