Comprehensive Spending Review 2010

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Science community views on the Comprehensive Spending Review 2010

The 2010 Spending Review framework is set out by HM Treasury.

Also available is The Allocation of Science and Research Funding 2011/12 to 2014/15 document by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. 

Press interest has focused on the disagreements within the community following release of the Royal Academy of Engineering's evidence submission to the 2010 science and research budget, and letter to Professor Adrian Smith, but there are many different perspectives also receiving an airing.

Parliamentary inquiries

House of Commons

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, for example, has expressed concern that the spending review timetable does not sit well within the Parliamentary calendar and that most of the discussion and decisions will be advanced during the recess.  The Committee called David Willetts MP, Minister of State for Universities and Science and Professor Adrian Smith, Director General of Science and Reserch at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to appear as witnesses at a public inquiry session on the Comprehensive Spending Review 2010 on 24th November 2010.

Science Council Member Organisations and National Academies have submitted evidence to the Government, making the case for continued investment in science and research.

Institute of Physics

Royal Society of Chemistry

The Royal Society

House of Lords

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee has conducted a corresponding inquiry on the implications of the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review on scientific research. Science Council Member Organisations submitted evidence to the inquiry:

Institute of Physics

London Mathematical Society, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Royal Statistical Society joint response 

Royal Astronomical Society

Society of Biology (then Biosciences Federation and Institute of Biology)