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The Science Council gives written evidence to the House of Commons Science & Technology Select Committee, November 2009

House of Commons Science & Technology Select Committee Evidence Check on Homeopathy

November 2009

The Science Council welcomes the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee's scrutiny of Government policy and the emphasis the Committee continues to place on the need for a strongly evidence-based approach to policy.

Scientific methodology includes data collected through objective observation or measurement; testing hypotheses through experiment and benchmarking; deduction and induction to establish general rules or conclusions drawn from data, examples or evidence; critical analysis of evidence; critical exposure to scrutiny, peer review and assessment leading to verification, testing and repetition.

The Science Council is far from clear that current Government policy relating to homeopathy is based on evidence that meets such systematic criteria.
November 2009

The full memorandum submitted by the Science Council is available to read in the Committee's final report which can be downloaded here.