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The Science in Health Group brings together a panel of experts to consider cross-cutting issues in science applied to health


The Science in Health Group (SiHG) comprises a panel of experts from within and beyond the Science Council member bodies.  Its real strength lies in the range of different organisations and professional bodies from which its membership is drawn, which extends outside the biological and medical sciences.

Among its aims are to identify topics of overriding significance to science in health, where there is a benefit in member bodies acting collectively and taking advantage of the inter- and multidisciplinary wealth of the group.  The Group aims to respond to major issues relating to all aspects of human health and to ensure that the latest developments in science are fully applied to the benefit of human health.

The Group's modus operandi is comparable to that of a think tank - it utilises not only written, oral and published evidence gathered, but also the expertise from within the group to come to its recommendations.


The Group's first report, Integration and Implementation of Diagnostic Technologies in Healthcare was published in 2008.  For further information on the project, visit the Integrated Diagnostics page.

The Science in Health Group reformed in February 2014 with the intention to embark on a new project exploring the shape of the UK’s future health science workforce. The group will address the current healthcare system can deliver the right skills for the future with a special focus on stratified medicine. For further information on this new project please contact Lydia Cufflin.


The Science in Health Group is chaired by Professor Stephen Holgate, Honorary Consultant Physician at Southampton University Hospital Trust.  SiHG membership is open to all member bodies of the Science Council; for further information contact the Secretary to the Group.

Professor Stephen Holgate CSci
Emily Burn
Dr Brian Campbell
Dr Dimitra Darambara
Dr Sophie Duport
Diana Garnham
Rachel Lambert-Forsyth
Susan Ollier
Lynda Wight
Dr Philip Wright

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