Technician Council Chair issues a call to arms for a technician workforce

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Dr Graham Spittle CBE addresses the All Party Parliamentary Group for Skills and Employment

“What do CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, the National Health Service and Glastonbury all have in common?

Well, each makes a vital contribution to our society. Last year, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, despite its false start, took an historic step forward in our understanding of particle physics; the NHS, despite all the challenges it faces, continues to provide essential health services to all who need them; and Glastonbury, despite all the mud, is a world renowned music festival that enriches our cultural life.

Each of these is supported by an army of technicians.” 

Dr Graham Spittle CBE addressed a well-attended All Party Parliamentary Group for Skills & Employment’s New Year Dinner on 22nd Jan 2013. The quote from his speech above demonstrates the importance of technicians to the UK. He also set out the urgent need for collaboration from a range of sectors including professional bodies, sector skills councils, employers, schools, colleges and government to address the demand for an additional 450,000 technicians by 2020. Other speakers included Lord Baker of Dorking and Gordon Marsden MP, the Shadow Minister for Further Education, Skills & Regional Growth, who also focused on the importance of technicians and technical education to the economy of the UK.

For further information read Graham’s full speech here.