Join us: The benefits of membership

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The Science Council is a membership organisation that brings together learned societies and professional bodies across science and its applications.

The Science Council provides a single point of contact for those wishing to contact or work with the science community but also:

  • provides a forum in which member organisations can share common concerns and work collaborative to identify solutions and campaign for science
  • supports projects that aim to increase the effectiveness and impact of member bodies on science and its applications by encouraging the sharing of good practice;
  • campaigns to maintain and support of high standards in the quality of education in both core and applied STEM disciplines;
  • through joint initiatives and projects enables and supports disciplines and professions to respond to new knowledge and challenges;
  • fosters inter-disciplinary partnership and collaboration in science to address some of the key challenges facing today’s society;
  • provides a point of contact with others including the technology, engineering, mathematics and medical communities.
  • works across disciplines and in collaboration with member bodies to provide informed and expert advocacy on a wide range of consultations on policy issues that impact on the advancement of science and its applications, including consultations undertaken by government departments, parliaments and assemblies
  • advances professionalism in science by enabling member bodies to offer Chartered Scientist, Registered Scientist and Registered Science Technician to their individual members
  • raises awareness of the profession of scientist, and furthers high standards of competence and the safe and effective application of science by promoting the status of Chartered Scientists, Registered Scientists, and Registered Science Technicians
  • brings member organisations together to further the creation of better health, sustainable societies and wealth by encouraging the study and pursuit of science and its applications by society and by individuals.

The Science Council has already achieved the following:

  • Already 41 member bodies from across science and its applications;
  • Established as a point of contact for government and others;
  • Responds regularly to consultations and calls for evidence;
  • Leads a cross sector Careers from Science initiative that includes the flagship Future Morph web site;
  • Promoted Chartered Scientist – the register now has 15,000 scientists from across 28 licensed bodies;
  • Completed a number of reviews and studies including a report on Integrated Diagnostics which has influenced the mechanisms for the development and delivery of new technologies in health;
  • Managed collaborative activities and jointly run the careers activities at The Big Bang: UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair.